3d printing

3D printing

3D printing

If you can’t source it, we can make it: 3D printing processes.

ZETA 6 is rapidly evolving and in 2022 we started a new line dedicated to manufacturing using the innovative 3D printing technique, to make prototypes and pieces for metal carpentry manufacturing.

With our professional filament printer, we can create lightweight and strong elements using a composite material: a particular micro carbon fiber filled nylon which is chosen for its chemical resistance and heat tolerance.
After assessing the applications of the particulars to be manufactured, we decide whether to reinforce their structure through the addition of continuous fibers such as carbon, glass, or Kevlar to the base material.
We also print particulars in flexible TPU material.
Alternative innovation.

From digital to real: 3D printed parts.
Metal carpentry has also entered the future with the support of 3D printing to create prototypes and pieces in short time frames, and elements which are difficult to produce using traditional mechanical processes.
Futuristic metal carpentry.

The advantages of 3D printing.
Through this technique we can even create complex components intended for machining with unprecedented speed.
We respond to urgent customer requests using 3D printing to build parts which do not require specific properties or hardnesses.
However, the advantages of 3D printing are not limited to speed: the cost of the product is lower and there is no process waste.
In fact, we can define this technique as fast, precise and eco-friendly.
Green efficiency.

Would you like to know what 3D printing can do for you? Contact us.

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