Sheet metal bending.

This operation involves the permanent deformation of metal sheets through bending, which we perform manually or with the support of robotic technology.

Every metal has a neutral inner fiber which allows workpieces to deform without elongating or contracting.
Before bending metal sheets, we always undertake the following required checks: we evaluate the plasticity of the material to be processed and, with the support of our technical office, calculate the exact positive or negative expansion in order to obtain geometrically precise bent metal products.
Pure power.

Our machinery at your service.
ZETA 6 employs twelve press breaks dedicated both to manual bending (with four machines processing small batches and components up to four metres in length) and robotic bending for our two production lines, Series and Dynamic.
Guaranteed flexibility.

Robotic bending: reliable technology.
Three press brakes employed in the Series production line are supported by two robots and a cobot: thanks to this technological collaboration, our customers can count on precise bending and curving operations, performed in large series.
The three robotic cells can be programmed and operated autonomously.
The cobot (collaborative robot) which supports our press brakes works in close contact with our operators in complete safety.
Cutting-edge reliability.

The advantages of robotics in sheet metal bending.
Our decision to assist our staff with robotic technology has been critical in adding value to production, with advantages such as the ability to bend components of various sizes and to work outside standard operating hours.
This leads to higher operating speeds even in the processing of large-sized components.
Technological revolution.

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