Sheet metal cutting operations.

Among the sheet metal processing performed by ZETA 6, two systems carry out CO2 laser cutting and fibre laser cutting, which guarantee very high-precision results.

The accuracy of sheet metal cutting depends on the ability of the laser beam to concentrate energy in a tiny point on the surface of even very small pieces.
There are various options for cutting sheet metal to size because we work with metal sheets of different materials, shapes and thicknesses, in small and large batches. Our machines can also perform tube cutting of customised pieces or small batches, thanks to the versatility of our laser which allows 2D and 3D machining of sheet metal and tube components.
Guaranteed precision.

Fibre optic laser cutting: a futuristic edge.
Thanks to a reduced wavelength, the energy beam produced using fibre laser cutting is better absorbed by the material. Among the most advanced laser cutting techniques, the use of optical fibre is very efficient and fast, requires less maintenance than other systems, and ensures excellent performance for the same power.
Optimal performance.

CO2 laser cutting: ideal in continuous operation.
Through this carbon dioxide laser, electromagnetic waves are irradiated in a mixture of gases (CO2, nitrogen and helium) to reach the more powerful energy stored in the CO2 molecules. These molecules collide with an infrared photon and generate the beam.
CO2 laser cutting also ensures precision and reduced production waste, leaving no imperfections.
High performance.

Sheet metal punching.
With our punching machine, we also perform deformation and drilling of metal sheets, including hooded ventilation louvres, deep drawing, countersinking and other operations.
Punching can be applied to materials such as steel, aluminium or metal alloys in general.
The advantage of sheet metal punching is the ability to perform cold deformation which avoids the thermal or chemical deformation of the sheet.
With this technique we can create a wide range of pieces such as precision steel carpentry, metal furniture finishings, boxes for electronic components and many other elements for different sectors.

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