About us

team ZETA 6

ZETA 6: the youthful metal carpentry business with history.

Operating since 1989, our metal carpentry business based in Santorso is a company with many years of experience despite an average staff age of about 35.

We have chosen to give space to young people, to their fresh ideas and enthusiasm, to help us support our customers even more efficiently. Our sheet metal processing services include laser cutting, manual and robotic sheet bending, welding and new 3D printing and prototyping.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The 6 zs story

What’s the origin of our company name? The story evolves from the meeting of three people who later became partners in the company: Silvano Pozzan, E. Pozzan and A. Frizzo. These three not only shared a future vision and entrepreneurial dream but they also shared six zs in their names.

Simone Pozzan

Continuing the zs across generations

Our metal carpentry business, mainly specialised in sheet metal processing, has grown and evolved over time through the implementation of innovative electric machinery in all its departments, the addition of new young team members, and a management focus on improving customer service and staff empowerment.

"My father Silvano entrusted the business to me in 2011. Having already worked by his side for some years, I was very familiar with the company’s environment and very proud to accept his proposal and take up the challenge. I have many ideas which I have been realizing step by step. In 2018, I decided to restructure the business by hiring new young professionals and aligning staff with our business management through a horizontal organizational structure. I believe in people and innovation, two important elements which can open doors to countless opportunities."

Simone Pozzan - CEO & Owner

Dividing production to enhance service

In 2019, we launched our two production lines, Series and Dynamic; another initiative born from the participation of our professionals in business decisions, which has revolutionised our customer service, with customised products, ready for delivery in very short time frames to meet urgent requests and the traditional mass production of metal products.